Rental Process

Taking the first steps

Carefully select your future housemates for compatibility and agree upon lifestyle and living environment. (ie: non-smoking, cleanliness, noise, and guests).
Confirm the number of people with whom you will be living with. Only look at houses that fit the number of committed housemates. Discuss your priorities for location and amenities.
Agree on your budget range. Ensure that you all have your parents’ support. Be prepared with your deposit.

Housemates chosen, budget and priorities established. What now?

Call therental line at 613-542-1666and speak directly to Wendy or Robert. They can discuss your needs and assist you in your housing search. As houses are rented very quickly, the Property Gallery may not always be current. Direct contact will give you the best chance to secure the house that is right for you.

Found a house that you all agree on?

Once you have made a verbal commitment and your application has been approved, you will be given a lease to review. An appointment will be set to sign the lease within twenty four hours. Read the lease carefully and prepare a list of questions. Arrange for the required deposits.
Allow approximately 30 minutes with all housemates in attendance. At that time your legal responsibilities will be explained and all of your questions will be answered.

Found a house that you all agree on?

Wendy & Robert Reid are local landlords who pride themselves in personally choosing tenants and providing ongoing responsible management. Parents may contact Wendy or Robert at 613-542-1666 with any questions or concerns.
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