Quality Assurance

Reid Properties participates in the “Queen’s Landlord Contract Program”. One of the key elements of this program is that all properties are subject to an annual Property Standards inspection by a qualified inspector approved of by the University. Read more about the Queen’s Landlord Program below.

When offered, Reid Properties also participated in “V.I.P.” a “Voluntary Inspection Program”. A program organized by the AMS, Queen’s, and the City of Kingston which allowed landlords the opportunity to provide evidence that their rental units are of good quality and in compliance with the Property Standards Bylaw of the City of Kingston.

Through participation in both of these programs tenants and parents can be assured that all Reid Properties are “Up to Code.”

Landlord Contract Program

Queen’s runs a voluntary program for landlords who have had their units inspected by an independent third party for compliance with the City of Kingston’s property standards by-law. This By-law describes standards for such items as pest prevention, structural soundness, windows and doors, kitchens, walls, ceilings, floors, egress, steps, handrails, heating systems, bathrooms, ventilation, and yards.

Units that are under the Landlord Contract Program are extended an exemption under the Residential Tenancies Act. The exemption permits a Tenancy Termination Agreement to be signed at the time that the lease is signed. In other words, if you are a tenant of a unit in the Landlord Contract Program, you will be agreeing to terminate your tenancy at the conclusion of the lease. Most landlords have a period of time in which they allow tenants to apply to be considered for a new lease on the same unit. Landlords with units in the program are required to provide a copy of the Landlord Program Contract to the tenants when signing the lease.

Key to the Ghetto Award

Reid Properties are proud recipients of the Queen’s AMS “Key to the Ghetto Award” as Landlord of the year 2007-2008. For more details please read the attached article from the Whig-Stardard February 14, 2008
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