Hi Nancy, Michelle and I have now settled into our apartment. Thank you for making this process so easy and smooth. It was so nice to come into such a nice clean apartment.


Along with four other girls, I have spent the past three years in a Reid & Smith Property home and have never doubted their capacities as landlords for a moment.  Robert responded to any of our concerns with impressive swiftness, and I can say without hesitation that we couldn’t have asked for more in our housing arrangements.  We will be sad to leave our house!


I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much our family appreciates what a wonderful landlord you have been. Katie has told us that you are always pleasant, professional and helpful. It is reassuring that you have always been quick to respond to any repairs or questions the girls have had.


Hi Robert …and thanks for being an amazing landlord.  The girls all appreciate your attention to the house.  And I am certain that their parents, as Kathryn and I do, feel very comfortable knowing that they are safe and secure while at Queen’s.


Nancy Smith & Robert Reid rock my world! We have loved this house!!


Robert, Thank you so much for everything over the past three years! We really appreciate all that you have done for us. Thanks again.

Girls of...

It has been such a pleasure to live in a Reid & Smith property during my time at Queen’s. I couldn’t have hoped for a better-quality house – it is new, spacious and modern, and within steps of campus! All aspects of living in the house – from the lease, to weekly recycling through to moving out – were thoroughly well-organized and explained to us in a clear manner, taking all of the guess work out of renting a property. Reid & Smith properties are not only run in a professional manner, but Robert is one of the kindest people I have ever met. He promptly responded to any question or problem we had during our 3 years in the house in a friendly and helpful way. I was lucky to have had such a positive living experience at Queen’s, and would recommend Reid & Smith Properties to anyone. I really appreciate all they have done for me during my time in Kingston – thank you very much!


I have lived in two houses managed by Robert Reid over the past three years, and I can honestly say that I have the best landlord in Kingston. The properties are, clean, new, and in excellent condition overall. Robert always returns my calls promptly and deals with any issues that arise immediately. He has really gone out of his way to accommodate me numerous times. I have heard countless horror stories about landlords in Kingston so I feel lucky to have had such a pleasant and easy living experience during my time at Queens. I highly recommend Robert Reid and Reid & Smith Properties to those looking for housing in Kingston.


Robert, The girls and I want to thank you again for everything over the past three years.  We were so lucky to find a house we loved and a landlord that we could always depend on.  We hope the new tenants will enjoy the house as much as we did! Best wishes to you and your family for everything in the future.

The girls of...

Thank you so much for all your help and consideration these last few years.  We greatly appreciate all the extra times you helped us and all the emails and calls you answered so quickly.  We knew you were always there. Thanks for everything, Sincerely,


Hi Nancy, I am glad the showings went well.  I was suspecting a quick rental, as always.  I remember visiting this place: I knew I wanted to rent it right away.  I have loved living here.  It feels like my home now. There are a few important points that set Reid & Smith rentals apart from other rentals.  First of all, the buildings are maintained.  Most landlords in the student area assume that all students will not care for well maintained and sound properties.  This is not the case with these rentals.  I think trusting students as tenants is key in why Reid & Smith Properties are successful.  I have been happy and proud to live in this unit.  Secondly, the little problems that might occur from everyday living are always fixed quickly.  Thirdly, communication with yourself and Robert is easy and casual.  My rights and obligations as a tenant are clear from effective communication with you.  Lastly, it is true that the cost of these rentals are slightly higher than other rentals but they are totally worth the price.  I am convinced that in one way or another having a nice environment to live in has allowed me to perform better in my overall Queen’s experience.  I hope you keep on renting to many other students! Thank you again,


Nancy & Hugh, …I also wanted to extend our thanks to the both of you and Robert Reid for being such wonderful landlords.  It’s comforting for me to know that our daughter is living is such a safe, secure, well-maintained apartment while in university.